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Welcome to Access My Info!

Want to know what your mobile operator or internet provider knows about you? What do they keep on file? Who do they share it with? According to the HK government's Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, companies are required to disclose this information to their customers upon request. We can help with that request.

What does your mobile phone or internet provider know about you?

Find out by requesting access to your personal data. This website will help you write a letter that your telco must respond to, by law.

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Company Privacy Contact

Please provide the contact information for the person responsible for interacting with the public regarding customer privacy. Usually this information can be found on the company's privacy policy.

Provide either a full mailing address or an email address.

What data do you want to access?

Make inquiries about how your data is collected, used, shared and stored.

Data requested from Org

This list is meant to be exhaustive. Org may not retain some of these items.

Identifying information

Enter your information so Org can identify you in their records.

Access My Info will not collect or store any of the personal information below.

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Your request is ready

Your letter to Org has been successfully generated by our system. Now, it's up to you to send it!

Read over the letter carefully, then follow the instructions below.


Privacy Officer
Privacy Officer
Privacy Officer
Privacy Officer
Privacy Officer
Privacy Officer
Privacy Officer

Dear Sir/ Madam,


I am writing to make a data access request and you may find my identity proof at attachment 1.

Particulars of my information are as follows:

  • Info Category Name: Info Category Description

I would like to request the data of mine collected and retained by your company from the creation of my account or from the earliest date since your company has retained my data (whichever is earlier) until the date of this request, including but not limited to the following:

  • Info Category Name: Info Category Description

Furthermore, I hereby request you to inform me whether you hold any aforementioned data in the preceding paragraph in accordance with section 19(1) of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance [and supply me a copy of such data that you retain] within 40 days after receiving the same.

Kindly send a copy of the requested data in English or the language in which the data is retained.

Please note that information in this letter is for the purpose of processing my data access request only.

Thank you.


Information Category Information Category

How would you like to send your letter?

This company currently only accepts requests by postal mail.

Postal Mail

Use the button below to create a PDF of your letter. Then print it and mail it to:

Privacy Officer Privacy Officer Privacy Officer Privacy Officer Privacy Officer Privacy Officer Privacy Officer

Important: Attach a photocopy or printout of your HKID or passport to your letter. Your request may not be accepted without proof of identity.

This company currently only accepts requests by email.


Follow these six easy steps to send your email:

  1. Copy your request letter to your system clipboard.
  2. Open your email client.
  3. Review the to and subject fields.
    Privacy Officer
    Subject: Formal request for Access to my personal information
  4. Paste the letter into where the email content should go.
  5. Important: Attach a scan or digital photo of your HKID or passport to the email. Your request may not be accepted without proof of identity.
  6. Send your message!

That's it! Thank you for participating in the Access My Info project.

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Access My Info is a joint initiative created by members of

Chinese University of Hong Kong InMedia Keyboard Frontline The Citizen Lab

About this project

Access My Info (AMI) is a web application that enables you to find out what a variety of different companies know about you. It guides you via a step-by-step wizard to generate a formal letter that requests access to your personal information. This letter can then be sent via postal mail or email to the respective company’s privacy officer.

This service does not collect any of the personal information you provide. This information is used only to generate a letter, which is done entirely in your web browser. Other web pages linked to from this service will be governed by different policies. When you load the service, the web server that hosts the service logs a record of that event. These logs include the IP address used to access each resource required for the service, the date & time of access, and several other non-identifying metadata fields.

Disclaimer: This is a research and educational tool and is meant for informational purposes only. This service does not provide legal advice. You are solely responsible for your use of this service and any resulting consequences. The Citizen Lab make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in this document. This software is offered as-is, with no warranty. Nothing herein should be used as a substitute for the legal advice of competent counsel.

This work is based on Access My Info by the Citizen Lab and Open Effect and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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